The Radiant City -
Carlos Azeredo Mesquita

Ready-made serialism: images of uniformity and transgression in the post-socialist city, a text by Levente Polyák

This books showcases work from The Radiant City. It is divided in two parts: one booklet with large gatefolds that open in order to show eleven of the situations I documented; and a smaller booklet that, besides captions to the images and an introduction, features an original essay by Levente Polyák, a Hungarian urbanist and researcher, that gives this series the social and political context it needs.

English Edition, available with text translated into Portuguese,
as a separate booklet.
24,5cmx22cm, opens to 96cmx22cm
Coated semi-matt paper: 24 pages, 11 images
Uncoated coloured paper: 16 pages, text only
ISBN: 978-989-20-6885-5
Author’s edition; co-editon: Pierrot le Fou
First edition, September 2016. 200 copies

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